University of Washington – The Harry Partch Ensemble

premiere production of the first version of The Bewitched at UW’s Meany Studio Theater. The photo credit is Niffer Calderwood.

Charles Corey took over the dirction of Harry Partch instrumentarium after Dean Drummond passed away in 2013, and The Harry Partch Ensemble is now the professional ensemble performing on Partch’s original instruments, while there is also a student and community ensemble that performs at UW.  Since 2013, The Harry Partch Ensemble performed two productions of Partch’s The Wayward, one in New York, one in Seattle, a production of his Oedipus, and many concerts combining his music with new works composed for his instruments.  In addition to premiering nearly twenty works by contemporary composers in the last three years (including four of Charles Corey himself), they have also premiered works by Partch that he had never performed during his lifetime, most notably the final version of The Potion Scene, and the original versions of U.S. Highball and The BewitchedThe Harry Partch Ensemble presents 3-4 programs a year, primarily in the Seattle area, but recent performances have also taken place in Kansas City and Buenos Aires.

At UW there are classes for students to learn specifically about Partch’s work as well as more generally about tuning and microtonality, and Charles Corey teaches private composition, occasionally to students who want to compose for Partch’s instruments